How to Sew a Zipper – Perfect for BEGINNERS

A simple and easy step-by-step tutorial on how to install a standard zipper using the centered method. All you need is some tape and a longer-than-you-need zipper. That way, the zipper pull will be well out of the way of your sewing.

Agnes A-line Skirt

I used this same zipper installation method on the Agnes A-line Skirt. Alternatively, you can baste the zipper down instead of using tape but I found the taping technique to be faster which made sewing the skirt THAT much quicker. This flattering A-line skirt goes from sizes 0-30 (waist 24”-53”) and is available in the shop.

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DIY Ear Flap Hat FREE Pattern & Tutorial

A simple tutorial on how to make a DIY winter hat with earflaps using a free printable pattern. 

This winter hat has a finished circumference of 23″ – it fits all the adults in my family comfortably as well as my son who was 7 when I made him his. I also have a smaller version of this Earflap hat here which has an 19.5″ circumference. Check it out here.

I get asked often if woven can be used for the shell of the hat. Definitely! You can use ANY kind of fabrics for the shell – corduroy, leather, or even a windproof waterproof fabric. The lining is something you would want to be as soft as possible as it will be against your ears and face. Fleece, Sherpa, and faux fur are excellent options. 

If you do make this earflap hat, be sure to share your beautiful pictures on Instagram or Facebook with #zunessewingtherapy. I’d love to see your style!

Ok, let’s get started! 

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How to Make a Pull Through Scarf

A simple and quick DIY Pull Through Scarf tutorial using fleece and sherpa. This homemade scarf takes only a few minutes to make, and is perfect as a Christmas gift. You can quickly whip up these handmade presents to give to your family, friends, coworkers, and teachers in no time!

I was going for a rustic Christmas style but if you’re into a more luxurious look, you can use faux fur instead of sherpa to pair with the fleece. You can also customize your scarf – I got these adorable metal tags from Hobby Lobby which I hand sewed on. Lastly, I used jute twine and homemade gift tags to get these cozy soft scarves ready for the teachers. I hope they like them!

Ready to make one (or several) with me? Let’s start sewing! 

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DIY Scrunchie Quick & Easy Tutorial

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial on How To Make a Scrunchie. Great Sewing Project for Kids. Video tutorial for the DIY Scrunchie available as well.

Take your bun or pony tail to a whole other luxurious level with a velvet scrunchie! I used Crushed Panne Velvet to add that posh factor.

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DIY Halloween Shirts

You don’t need to go all out on a costume to get into the spirit of Halloween. These quick and easy DIY Halloween shirts are a fun way to show off your spooky style. You can wear it with anything and be ready for everything from a trip to a haunted house or a scary movie marathon!

Choosing the perfect Halloween fabric is half the fun! I got this interlock knit because purple is my dear friend’s favorite color , and nothing screams Halloween more than bats! 


One and half yards got me 2 short sleeve shirts, a medium and an XS. I made my friend’s shirt using this free PDF pattern

You can also easily copy a shirt you have in your closet to make your Halloween t-shirt, like I did for mine. You already know how your shirt fits your body so it easily takes the guesswork (and stress) out of fixing any fitting issues later. If you’d like to learn how to clone your favorite clothes, check out this tutorial.  

Share your DIY Halloween shirts on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook or tag me on Instagram @sew_zune. I’d love to see your spooky style!

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Kids Shorts with Free Sewing Pattern

A comfy pair of shorts are a must have for every kid! You can use this free sewing pattern to make shorts in woven or knit fabrics for your little boy or girl. This simple and quick sewing project is great for beginner sewists and busy moms!

I used this free kid pants pattern and cropped it to my desired length. So far I’ve made these shorts in denim, linen, flannel, and knit. For this interlock fabric, I used my serger and twin stretch needles but don’t worry if you have neither. You can use a regular zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. 

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DIY T-shirt Transformation into a Halter Top

I’m so excited to share with you a fun and easy t-shirt transformation project! As I am a huge lover of versatile garments, this tutorial can also be used to make a bikini, bralette, or a triangle cup crop top, like I did here. 

Before we begin, be sure to tag me on Instagram @sew_zune or share your pictures on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook. I’d love to see your finished project!

Let’s get started…

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DIY Kids Paperbag Shorts with Free Pattern & Tutorial

Paperbag shorts are a cute and stylish way to beat the heat! Summers in Oklahoma can be around 105 degrees so I love that these shorts are comfy and not clinging to the body from sweat. If you’re making these paperbag shorts for your little one, be sure to use breathable fabrics like cotton, chambray or linen that will allow airflow and help them stay cool. 

These easy pull-on shorts have an elasticized waistband and patch pockets on the front. You can also make these in a boys/unisex version by adjusting the width of the waistband. 

If you do make these paperbag shorts, be sure to tag me on Instagram @sew_zune or post the picture on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook. I’d love to see your finished project! 

Ok, let’s get sewing!

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Scoop Neck T-Shirt – Free Pattern & Tutorial

I love simple sewing projects that need little to no deciphering, especially during summer vacation when I am helping Logan with his summer studies and also trying to sew at the same time. 

I made this scoop neck t-shirt pattern for my mother who has keloid on her neck and chest from multiple thyroid surgeries. Keloids are raised scars that continue to grow even after the original injured skin has healed. They’re not harmful or contagious, but can cause pain, itchiness, or discomfort. Since one of my mother’s keloids is right on her chest, she prefers clothing with necklines that do not rub against and irritate the tender scar. So this is her favorite summer pattern – comfy to wear and easy to pair with a variety of bottoms!

If you do make this t-shirt, be sure to tag me on Instagram @sew_zune or post on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook. I’d love to see your finished project! 

Ok, let’s begin…

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