Reversible Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps Tutorial – FREE Printable PDF Pattern

Fleece hats with ear flaps are a perfect winter wardrobe staple. They’re so quick and easy to make for your little one and they also make great gifts. I love fleece not just because they’re so soft and warm but also because they’re easy to maintain. I turn the fleece garment inside out to reduce pilling, wash in cold water and tumble dry low.

This hat is a toddler size and because the pattern pieces are small you can use up the scraps you have. I used Blizzard fleece and sweater fleece – the ivory Blizzard fleece was leftover fabric pieces from sleepsacks I made for baby Madeline a few years ago. There is also a video tutorial available for this fleece hat.

Ok so let’s get started…

Things You Will Need:

Print pattern *here*
Fleece (I used Blizzard & Sweater Fleece)

Watch video *here*

This is the reversible version and will require a bit of hand sewing. If you’re feeling pain or experiencing any swelling in your fingers and having trouble pinching something small like a needle, I’ve included a non-reversible version as well.

Firstly print out and assemble the pattern – choose “Do Not Scale” and check the 1″ test square.

After cutting out all the pieces, sew the panels together in 2s with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Then put the 4 panels together to make the crown. Leave a 2″ opening on one of the hats which will be used to pull the hat through right side out (for the reversible version it doesn’t matter which hat piece you choose for the opening but if one-sided version leave the opening on the side that will be inside when worn).

Moving onto the sideband with earflaps – fold it in half and sew with a 1/4″ seam.

Now attach the crown to the band – fold the crown in half and match the seam on one side of the crown to the seam on the band and then match the seam to the center front of the band. Pin it around and then sew with a 1/4″ seam.

Before putting the 2 hat pieces together, let’s work on the straps – I cut out 4 Blizzard Fleece pieces that are 1″ wide and 14.5″ long. I ended up sewing it 1/4″ from the edge all around and then another 1/8″ seam. I also trimmed down the edges.

The end that’s left open will be attached to the ear flap. Attached the straps to the ear flaps with a 1/8″ seam allowance.

Now it’s time to put the hat together. Put the 2 hat pieces right sides together and pin it all around and sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Then pull the hat right side out through the opening.

For the Non-reversible option – Pull the hat pieces apart so that you are not sewing them together. Then using your sewing machine, sew close to the folded edge. Since it is a one-sided version, that seam will be hidden inside the hat.


The reversible version requires some hand stitching. The invisible ladder stitch along the folded panel is perfect for hiding seams. Leave a little tail where you started handsewing and then sew back to that thread tail and tie the threads together in a knot. Then clip the thread and push the knot in between the seam with the needle.

This one I made in pink Blizzard Fleece without the straps.
Madeline loves trying on Logan’s stuff – his shoes, hats and this sweater!
Okay mommy enough with the pictures… Let’s go out and play!

And that’s it! Now it’s time to try the new fleece hat on and let your little munchkin enjoy some outdoor winter activities while keeping their little noggins warm.


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  1. I am sorry, I had not confirmed my subscription. After I did, it worked like a charm!
    Thank you! I was thinking of my quilting group making these. Other sizes would be great too!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I would love to see how they turn out. And yes! I will be making these in some youth and adult sizes. I usually post my progress work on my Facebook so please keep checking!

  2. I printed your Kid’s Pants pattern which printed fine, but when I print the Reversible Toddler Fleece Hat, the right side of the page is cut off. Are these supposed to printed on paper larger than 8.5 x 11″ ?

  3. Hi, I really love this hat and want to make one for my daughter tonight. I don’t have any fleece unfortunately but I do have some lovely Jersey knit and some sherpa and a fluffy soft fabric. Could I use the Jersey as the outer and one of the others to line it?

    1. Hi Holly thanks for stopping by! Yes, you can definitely use a Jersey knit with sherpa but just keep in mind the thickness of the sherpa because it will add to the thickness of the hat and may make it seem a bit snug to wear. Someone also made this hat with sherpa, you can see her version under Visitor Posts on Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook before you cut out the fabric to get an idea.

    1. You will need to adjust your printer’s setting to Do Not Scale. Be sure to check the 1″ test square on the first page.

      1. I have this same problem on the sideband page -fold section. I have confirmed the test size – and I don’t have this problem on the adult sizing hat.

        My printer settings do not have a Do Not Scale setting, although the “default” setting has worked on all other pdf pattern downloads. I would appreciate being send another pdf print out version.

        1. Hi Gail,

          I would need more information from you to help you out. Are you using Adobe Reader to print or printing from your browser? Printing from your internet browser or other PDF readers can result in sizing issues. The Adobe Reader is free to download on the Adobe website. Hope it helps.

    1. Hi Diya,

      You’re so welcome!

      Yes, it’s possible to use a woven with no stretch but the child’s head measurement should be at least 1″ smaller than the hat’s measurement for a comfortable fit.

  4. I did change the print to do not scale and the test square comes out 3/4″ The only way to get it to 1″ is to print to scale. And the ear flap portion is cut off. Any suggestions to print this pattern to correct size?

    1. Hi Karen,
      It could be a few things…Are you using Adobe Adobe Reader to print? Printing from your internet browser or other PDF readers can result in sizing issues. It could also be because of printer and/or printer driver you are using. Try adjusting the setting to “Actual Size/Scale 100%”. Also, try unchecking ‘Choose paper source by PDF page size’. Hope it helps.

  5. Hi there, I tried signing up for your letter to be able to see the toddler reversible fleece hat, however even after confirming my singing up for your news letter, it is still just bringing me right back to the signing up page.

    1. It does that due to your browser setting. You will need to turn off the pop up blocker on your internet browser in order for the pattern to open in a new tab. Happy sewing!

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