DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

The Christmas tree skirt is simple to make with minimal sewing or no sewing at all depending on what fabric you use. It’s a quick and easy 30 minute project. I had to switch from fabric glue to hot glue for attaching the gold ribbon to the felt because it just got too painful for my fingers to squeeze what was left in the bottle. One thing to keep in mind is if you’re using a thin gold metallic ribbon like I did, let the hot glue cool down to warm before placing the ribbon so that the heat doesn’t make it all wrinkly. There’s also a video tutorial available to watch. Alright, are you ready to make this? Let’s get started!

Things You Will Need:


1. The circumference for the opening for the tree skirt is 10″ so the measurement from the folded corner is 1 5/8″. Add 1 5/8″ to your desired length for the skirt and fold the felt down. Then fold again in half which will give you 4 layers of felt.


2. From the folded corner, measure out 1 5/8″ using your ruler and cut it out.


3. I used my yard stick to measure out 25″ from the small circle and marked it.


4. After you’ve cut along the markings, you will now have a quarter of a circle.


5. Mark a straight line from the bottom of the skirt to the top and cut. This will be opening for putting the skirt on the tree.


Making the pleats…

6. My felt fabric is 72″ wide so I cut 2 strips that are 3″x72″. I joined the 2 strips with a 1/4″ seam. I always start my pleats from the seam in order to hide them. I made 2″ and 1.5″ markings for my pleats and folded the 1.5″ markings and pinned them in place. Then I basted down all the pleats with a 1/4″ seam.


Back to the skirt…

7. Place the pleats on the skirt and sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Trim off excess pleats.


8. Fold the seam allowance up towards the tree skirt and edge stitch it on the right side.


9. Leave 10″ of ribbon and started gluing the ribbon to the skirt. Apply some glue to the end of the ribbon so that it won’t fray.


10. If you run out of ribbon just continue to glue it down to the end, then fold the new ribbon and glue it over the edge of the other ribbon. After you’ve finished applying the ribbon all the way around the skirt, don’t forget to leave 10″ of extra ribbon for tying into a bow.


11. Cut 4 ribbons that are 10.5″ long. Apply some glue to the edges of the ribbon that won’t be attached to the tree skirt so that they won’t fray.


12. Fold the ribbons 1/4″ in and glue 1 set to the top of the tree skirt along the opening on the wrong side. Find the middle and then glue the 2nd set in.


And that’s it for the tree skirt! You can further decorate it by cutting out snowflakes out of white felt, adding some embroidered patches or gluing some rhinestones for the sparkly effect against the tree’s mini lights. If you make this tree skirt, please share below how you decorated it! 🙂


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