Look What’s Coming Soon!

This is what I’ve been working on lately and I’m so excited to give you a preview! Normally I would just make a pattern in the size that I need but after getting asked if there were other sizes available I decided to have a go at pattern grading and to my surprise I had so much fun doing it. It was my first time grading so I started off slowly with a simple yet versatile pattern in 4 toddler sizes.

I added the finished garment sizes so that you can go up or down a size depending on how loose or snug you would want it. Madeline is 2 but I ended up using the size 4T because she doesn’t like clothes that are snug.

You can also base this tank top pattern to make a flared top like I did here.


Or a gathered dress like this one.

I will show you later how make a shift dress and a flared dress from this tank top pattern. I always believe that you just need one good basic pattern and from that you can create so many designs.  I love that the options for this simple and basic tank top are endless…just add some imagination!

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    1. Yes, it can. Just be sure to measure the child’s head and the pattern’s neck opening so that the head fit comfortably through the garment’s neck opening. When I make this pattern out of woven, I add a slit back closure and button to the pattern’s back neckline.

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