Toddler Bloomers with free PDF Pattern (Unisex Shorts Option)

The bloomers were re-drafted from the Grandma&me matching lounge pants I made
The bloomers can be made into shorts as well. I used 2×2 knit waistband and some fabric paint to decorate it.
Bloomers with matching elastic neck ruffles top

These bloomers are super easy to make and the best part is they can be made into regular shorts for both girls and boys by skipping the elastic-cinched hems. You can add pockets, cute little bows or even lace edgings. The fun is endless! 🙂

I made this pattern based on my little girl who just turned 2 on September 30! The finished garment measures 24.5″ in the waist – Madeline’s waist is 19″ and she was able to wear them all summer and they still fit her quite well. I sized these roughly 18m-24m but each child is different so take the finished garment’s measurements into consideration so that they’ll fit your little one comfortably. Are you ready to make these? By the way, I’ve included a video tutorial as well. 🙂

Let’s get started!Things you’ll need:

1. Fabric
2. Print pattern *here*
3. 1/4″ Woven elastic
4. *Optional* Ribbon for tag

**This pattern is FREE to all my newsletter subscribers. Check both your inbox and junk folder for the confirmation email. Be sure to have your pop up blocker disabled. Print from a laptop or computer.

Watch the video *here*

First print out the pattern – make sure the “Do Not Scale” box is unchecked and check that the 1″ test square measures correctly. You can print out just the first page of the four page file to check the test box, that way it won’t be a waste of paper and ink. After putting the pattern pieces together, it’s time to cut out your fabric.

My fabric is 100% cotton and sadly because the steam on my iron doesn’t work anymore so I just iron after spraying with a bit of water and starch before cutting my cotton fabric.


Skip this step if you’re making the shorts version – I used my 1/4″ roll hem presser foot to finish the hems. If you don’t have one just fold up 1/8″ twice and sew it down. I marked 3/4″ from the finished hem all along the shorts. I used a pencil here for this tutorial but please use a tailor’s chalk or a something that’s washable. I will be placing the elastic on top of this line.


I’ve cut 2 9″ elastic pieces. The seam allowance is 3/8″ so I sewed each end of the elastic within the seam allowance.


I folded the bloomers and elastic in half and pinned the midpoints on both. Then I matched the 2 midpoints and pinned them together. This made it easier for me to stretch and sew the elastic with a 3mm zig zag.


With right sides together, sew the inseams with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Don’t forget to finish the raw edges with a serger or an overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine
– I ended up just zigzagging my edges.


Now it’s time to put the 2 pieces together. After sewing the inseams, the bloomers will both be inside out so turn one right side out. Insert the one that’s right side out into the other piece that’s wrong side out. So now the right sides will be facing each other and then start pinning in place. I always match the crotch as well as the front and back end points first and then add a few pins inbetween. Sew along the big U shape and finish the edges.


The last step will be the elastic waist. In the printable pattern, I’ve included a 1″ elastic casing. However, if you’d like to sew the elastic directly onto the fabric just cut off 1/2″ along the pattern’s waist. My elastic is 13″ long – I matched the 2 ends (no overlapping) and zig zag stitched them to form a ring.


I sewed down 1/4″ all the way around the waist. Now’s a good time to add a tag to the back. I divided the elastic ring and the bloomers’ waist into 4 equal sections I folded the fabric over the elastic matching the section points and pinned them in place. Lastly, fold the fabric over the elastic as you stretch each section and sew with a 3mm zig zag stitch.

And they’re done!

Every time Madeline wears these bloomers, Grandma says they look like Tudor pants. Haha! But that’s ok because I think they had some of the most beautiful fashion back then.

If you made these cute little bloomers, please post some pics in the comments below – I would so love to see them! 🙂

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    1. I don’t know if pictures can be posted in the comments like you said. I used the pattern and made mine. Really handy. I made a few changes given my fabric colour. But for the most part I followed your tutorial.

      1. Hi Camila,

        You can share the images on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook page. You can also see how others have changed up my simple patterns by adding their own style. I love seeing all the beautiful creations!

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you could help me with this but I can’t get the free pattern no matter how many times I have pressed the here prompt. I’m subscribed yet that doesn’t seem to make a difference.. could you please help me? Really looking forward to making these for my granddaughter BBY, thanks!😁

    1. Hi Virginia,

      Did you receive a confirmation email? Please check both your inbox and junk folder. Also, be sure to mark as a safe sender.

      If you’ve done the confirmation and etc., print the pattern from a laptop or computer.

      Happy Sewing! 🙂


  2. Thanks for a cute and quick pattern! I’ve made a couple so far and plan to make more before the summer is over. I only wish there was a photo of these on a child, it would be so nice to see how they look while wading through a zillion other patterns. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I love seeing garments on a model too as it helps to better understand how the clothes will really fit. I will be sure to add photos of Miss Madeline in the bloomers soon. She loves to model!

    2. Hi,

      Just wondering how to get the pattern once subscribed. I have subscribed, clicked the link and it keeps returning to the picture of the bloomers. Any recommendations? Thanks.


      1. Hi Penny,

        Thank you so much for subscribing! I emailed you the instructions, but here it is just in case you missed it:

        Be sure to confirm your email after subscribing. Check both your inbox and junk folder. If you have confirmed your email, but is still taking you back to the Sign Up page, then it is your browser setting. Be sure to have your pop up blocker disabled on your browser so that the pattern can open in a new tab. Also print/download from a laptop or computer as most mobile devices are not optimized for all file types.

        Happy sewing!

          1. I’ve passed it over to tech support and here is what they responded.

            “The device she originally signed up on was her tablet. She cannot use the laptop with the same email address. She would need to sign up with a new email from her laptop, confirm the email address, and then download the files.”

            Please let me know if you are still having issues.

  3. I just made the bloomers and they were very easy to make. Is the Bloomers with matching elastic neck ruffles top available?

  4. Can you maybe post a photo of the pattern assembled? Sorry I’m very new to sewing with patterns and I feel like I’m messing this up lol.

  5. I subscribed to your news letter to receive the PDF for the baby bloomers and when I click on the “pattern here”…I am directed back to your news letter sign up page again.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      The free patterns are not emailed. I have them set up so that subscribers can easily download whichever pattern that they like at their own convenience. Did you receive a confirmation after signing up? Be sure to check both your inbox and junk folder. Also turn off your pop up blocker on your internet browser so that the pattern can open in a new tab. Lastly, download from desktop or laptop computer and not from a mobile device. Hope that helps!

  6. I downloaded the Bloomers with matching elastic neck ruffles top, but am not able to find the instructions/tutorial for the top.

  7. Hello Zune! Thank you so much for this easy pattern. One question, on the pattern I read 3/8″, does it mean the allowance is included in the pattern, if not it means the allowance must be added before cutting. As for the waist do I need to add an allowance or not !?
    Looking forward…for your help

    1. Hi Claudon,

      The 3/8″ seam is included in the inseam and outseam. The waist includes a 1/4″ seam allowance. Happy sewing!

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