DIY Easy Fleece Flower Tutorial & Printable Pattern

Busy making sweaters, pants, and hats out of fleece? Is your mound of fabric scraps getting higher and higher? Wait, don’t throw your fleece scraps away! You can make all sorts of beautiful flowers out of the fleece scraps and use them to embellish your clothes, hats, and more!

The kids’ fleece hat with ear flap pattern is also available. Scroll down and check it out!

This is a really simple and quick tutorial on how to make flowers from fleece scraps. This template took me less than 10 minutes to make – I made the petals in 4 sizes and also included different sized circles to cover the center but you can also use buttons, pearls, or even rhinestones if you want some bling!

Logan’s flower placement…I dig it!
Before we get to the tute – I know fleece and flowers have really nothing to do with J.R.R. Tolkien but here’s a very quick take on MY version of my favorite Tolkien poem, “From the ashes a fire shall be woken,…”
From the pile of scraps beautiful things shall be made…hehe
And with that, let’s dive right in!
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DIY Bow Barrette

Adding a cute little hair accessory can really complete an outfit and the bow barrette is one of my favorites! You can make them in any size using whatever scraps of fabric you have. I recently made a matching dress and top for Grandma and Madeline from this beautiful printed knit fabric from Joann and was left with odd little pieces of scraps. I can cut out the bow pieces in any direction of the grain of the fabric and it doesn’t effect the shape of the bow at all so I was glad to be able to use up whatever little bit of fabric scraps left from cutting out the garments.

Originally, I had planned on using the big bow as an embellishment on Madeline’s dress but I love big, statement making accessories so on the head it goes! I use alligator barrettes for Madeline since they’re the only hair accessory that she will tolerate in her hair so I always get the 10 piece packs from Walmart for about $2. I also use a little bit of felt to attach the barrette and whatever design I am using on top. The shape of the felt really depends on the design – for flowers, I’ll cut out a round shaped felt and for something like a bow, it’ll be a rectangle. I will add a tutorial on how to make a barrette using artificial plastic flowers but for now let’s make this pretty little bow for her hair!

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DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

The Christmas tree skirt is simple to make with minimal sewing or no sewing at all depending on what fabric you use. It’s a quick and easy 30 minute project. I had to switch from fabric glue to hot glue for attaching the gold ribbon to the felt because it just got too painful for my fingers to squeeze what was left in the bottle. One thing to keep in mind is if you’re using a thin gold metallic ribbon like I did, let the hot glue cool down to warm before placing the ribbon so that the heat doesn’t make it all wrinkly. There’s also a video tutorial available to watch. Alright, are you ready to make this? Let’s get started!

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DIY Christmas Stocking with Free Pattern

For this stocking, I used the same industrial sewing technique that are used on stockings with foldover cuffs sold in stores. It is surprisingly fast and easy to make – I was able to make it with 2 swollen index fingers and a crooked pinkie! I think 10 minutes of prep time and perhaps 30 minutes tops to sew. There is a printable template available for this project as well as a video tutorial. Are you ready to make it? Let’s get started! 

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