20 Easy Things to Sew (includes FREE patterns)

Are you looking for some fun beginner and kids-friendly sewing projects? I’ve put together 20 easy and simple things to sew for yourself, for your kids or WITH your kids. This compilation of free patterns and tutorial is perfect for sewists of ALL levels!

I included a variety of my most popular sewing projects from clothing to accessories, so there’s something fun for everyone. Also, be sure to share pics of your finished projects by tagging me @sew_zune on Instagram or post on the Zune’s Sewing Therapy Facebook. I’d love to see your creation!

Most of the sewing projects on the list come with a video tutorial as well so you can watch the video and sew along with me. The free patterns are either one-sized or multi-sized, and are available to all my newsletter subscribers. 

Ok, let’s get started…

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How to Sew a Waistband – Easy Tutorial

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to sew a classic waistband with interfacing and an overlap. My trick to getting the waistband looking sharp and neat is to use washable glue or an iron-on adhesive to hold the waistband in place before topstitching. This is how I sewed the Agnes A-line skirt, but you can use this same waistband sewing technique on ANY skirt or pants.

If you’ve just come from the zipper installation tutorial, you will want to stitch, finish, and press your skirt’s side seams before moving onto the waistband. 

See it in action! Watch the video tutorial.

Ok, let’s make a waistband!

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How to Sew a Zipper – Perfect for BEGINNERS

A simple and easy step-by-step tutorial on how to install a standard zipper using the centered method. All you need is some tape and a longer-than-you-need zipper. That way, the zipper pull will be well out of the way of your sewing.

Agnes A-line Skirt

I used this same zipper installation method on the Agnes A-line Skirt. Alternatively, you can baste the zipper down instead of using tape but I found the taping technique to be faster which made sewing the skirt THAT much quicker. This flattering A-line skirt goes from sizes 0-30 (waist 24”-53”) and is available in the shop.

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DIY RUCHING Part 2: Sewing a Ruched Garment

The Sewing Retreat has a great selection of elastic lace trims. So gorgeous!

I don’t get many opportunities to go shopping for clothes for myself so I love adding little timeless fashion trends to my wardrobe whenever I can, which means I can wear the same garment each year and still look stylish! The ruching sewing  technique has been around for hundreds of years and is still so dominant today, from wedding dresses to t-shirts and leggings. Another thing I love is the elastic lace trim ribbon which has a feminine and vintage-y feel to it. Combine the two and you have a classic and stylish wardrobe staple to enjoy for many many years!

In this 2nd part of the tutorial, we will sew a ruched garment from the ruching pattern that we drafted in Part 1. If you haven’t seen the first part of the tutorial, check it out here

For this project, I’m using an organic bamboo jersey fabric in natural and an organic cotton elastic lace trim, both from The Sewing Retreat. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably already know that I’m really keen on organic materials because of my eczema and aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis – anything to help me feel as comfortable as possible during bad flareups.

If you want to make some ecofriendly fashion too, visit The Sewing Retreat and check out their gorgeous selection of organic fabrics and trims. Use code HAPPYSEWING to get a 5% off!

Now, let’s get sewing!

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